Ladies of the Internet Not-So-Politely Tell Concernmongering Dudes to Shove It

If you've ever puttered around on the internet, chances are you've come across at least one dude who thought he was doing women a great service by telling them that they don't need to wear makeup and high heels and bras and fancy clothes — they're beautiful just the way they are. So, stop doing things that a sexist dominant culture is telling you to do, he says, and instead do what me, the dude who thinks you're fine this other particular way, is telling you to do. He loves you. He thinks you're so pretty. Well, it seems that the era of this particular breed of Nice Guy is drawing to a close — women of the internet are onto his bullshit. And they've responded in a hilarious way.

Meet Boy in Outer Space, a Tumblr user who posted a picture of himself wearing a significant-looking pout, held up a handwritten sign that read "Dear Girls, DON'T BE INSECURE you don't need make-up & nice clothes you're all fucking beautiful" and then, for some reason, photoshopped that photo to within an inch of its life and made it look like it had been taken in outer space. Because space is deep. Just like this dude who thinks you're fucking beautiful just the way you are, each and every one of you. BIOS is just one of what's apparently a trend among Internet Nice Guys — writing instructions to women on white pieces of paper on how they're all just so perfect, but they'd be even perfecter if they just looked exactly how the signmaker wanted them to look.


Irritated/annoyed responses to this sentiment popped up nearly immediately. One girl posted a photo of herself making a significantly confused face and holding a handwritten note that read "Dear boy in outer space DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO." Another woman posed unabashedly topless flipping the bird and holding a sign that read "A confident girl does whatever the fuck she wants." And then the mini meme devolved into silliness, with one guy drawing a brontosaurus on his stomach and another photoshopping a picture of Loki from The Avengers. Looks like Team Sarcasm wins again.

Oh, internet. Never stop shining like a diamond made of crap.


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