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Ladies Night, With A Twist Of Dudely Lime

Illustration for article titled Ladies Night, With A Twist Of Dudely Lime

It's another weekend twofer! Jezebel NYC is hosting a meet-up tonight, September 12th, from 6-9 at Borough (12 E 22nd St) for everyone to meet, greet, eat and then drink too much. The Philadelphia Jezebels — apparently the most cultured among us — are then meeting up on Saturday, September 13th, at 8 pm at the New Umbria Baptist Church (4149 Main Street in Manayunk) to attend a play written by your commenter comrade-in-typing Braak. After they get their culture on, they will revert to proper Jezebel form and get stinking drunk together. For more information, ask SisterMaryMartha, privately or otherwise.


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I have never been to a commenter meetup and I am SO terrified at the prospect of going. What happens? Does everybody go by their Jezebel names or their real names?! Do we all get along in real life?! AHHH.