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Ladies' Night

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Attention D.C.-based Jezebels! Megan will be hosting a commenter meet-up tonight at the Wonderland Ballroom (1101 Kenyon St, NW by the Columbia Heights Metro Station) at 6:30 until drunkenness. Come join D.C.'s unofficial curators of the Den of Iniquity, Vagina Salon for drinks and beaver-related hilarity. If you want to here about these events in advance, please join the Facebook group or email to get on the Evite list.


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@mbprice: @nuttycakes: Oh, I know, my friend lives up the street. But be real, girlies. Have you ever tried to change lines when it's not rush hour? 20 minute wait at the least, always. C'mon, Metro, I have been championing you since I was 14. GIVE SOMETHING BACK.

I will take the nap I require when I get home. And then I will re-assess.

@mbprice: Eh, "Ladies" is a loose term anyway. I doubt you'll be the only peen there. :)