Ladies Need More Ladies' Rooms • Japanese Women Embrace Running

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Kathyrn Anthony of the American Restroom Association wants a nationwide law requiring architects to build more toilets for women than they do for men. "Until men have menstrual periods, until men get pregnant, or until men breast-feed or have babies, we'll always have a need for potty parity," she says. • Cartoonist Lynda Barry (who also wrote the amazing novel Cruddy) has a new book called What It Is. • In a study of 866 blue-collar workers, women and minorities were more prone to file grievances, although filing one was not necessarily effective. • 80% of scavengers in Delhi are women. • There is now a blood and urine test which will diagnose pre-eclampsia in pregnant women. • The number of Japanese who run more than twice a week is steadily increasing and most of the new runners are young women. • A new book by Juliet Miller explores creative destructiveness in women. "The gardener who concretes over the wilderness may be fed up with doing most of the nurturing in the family. Burning the dinner may mean wanting to change the world." • The country of Turkey is grappling with a culture of domestic violence; 1 in 3 married women is a victim of abuse. • A victim of alleged gangrape tore off her clothes in the police station because she was so frustrated that the accused were not being charged. • If mothers were paid for cooking, cleaning and caring for their families, they could easily earn a six figure salary. • Holy cow! This bovine is as big as an elephant!


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@TeenageGangDeb: See, I just think women need to hurry the fuck up. It takes me, TOPS 1 minute to do JUST ABOUT anything in a bathroom. Period, no period, peeing, etc. I have ACTUALLY timed myself to make sure it's not a perception thing. I think chicks just need to learn to pee more quickly, I swear. Granted, like @NewsBunny: and @haguenite: mention, crowded venues it is annoying, but I think that's because a lot of theaters and stuff were built in a time before they could have imagined such large audiences.

But SERIOUSLY, men and women. Close the door, SIT ON THE SEAT (don't hover, there are more germs on a doorknob than a toilet seat), piss, change your tampon, flush and move on with your lives!!!