The folks at Method soap believe that you deserve to know everything about the chemicals you place in your shower. And if you don't, well, then you deserve to be sexually harassed by a group of perverted bubbles.

I had to watch this commercial a few times to really get a feeling for it; my first reaction was, "creepy, but I get it," though on subsequent views I started getting creeped out to the point where the joke simply wasn't funny anymore. I understand the point of the commercial: you'll pay the price if you don't know what kinds of chemicals you're spraying in your house. But I'm really tired of the "advocacy" that relies upon humiliating women to push a point (see also: PETA).

Why couldn't the dirty bubbles get drunk on their own chemicals and trash the bathroom? Why couldn't they leave graffiti all over the shower walls? Why couldn't they "move in" and start stinking up the place? Why does a woman have to get in the shower and get naked in front of a bunch of pervy bubbles, who essentially tell her she deserves it for putting them there in the first place (sound familiar?) so that Method soap can scare us all into switching over from Scrubbing Bubbles? The woman is seriously humiliated by the bubbles, who compliment her on her "core" and scream "Loofah! Loofah!" over and over again as they watch her wash up. It's supposed to be funny. So why does it make me feel so gross?


Perhaps I'm missing something. What say you, commenters?

Get Naked, Say The Pervy Scrubbing Bubbles [AdFreak]

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