Crushes can be so fickle. One day they're there, blazin' away in your heart and in your loins, and the next day they're gone, leaving you with nothing except the question "What was I thinking?" or "Really? Him/her?" Usually, something happens to trigger this mass exodus of feelings, but what that thing is can vary in complexity. Sometimes it can be something as simple and petty as a misplaced comma in a text message. Other times, it can be something serious — maybe you find out they're racist or homophobic or that they own a copy of "The Game" and — worse — reference it. No matter how innocuous or offensive, these are the things that can kill a crush deader than a doornail.

My slow-burning crush on a local barista (because we all have a slow-burning crush on a local barista) was effectively quenched after I overheard him talking about what a great movie KIDS is. Sure, sexually discriminating against someone because of their movie preferences might seem a little harsh, but it is what it is. The fact of the matter is that hearing someone wax poetic on the genius of Harmony Korine can make me go colder than a fish and there's no coming back from it. (And guess what? I'M NOT SORRY.)


We've all got our things — our goofy, petty, funny crush or boner killers. I've shared mine and now, for the sake of community and the SAKE OF KINJA , it's time for you to share yours.

What are your big crush deal breakers? Bonus points if there's a story involved.

Image via B Calkins/Shutterstock.