Label Whores Head To Tampa

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When we heard that Jezebel's Jennifer Gerson was heading off to Tampa for the Memorial Day weekend, we couldn't resist the opportunity to ask her to take her faux designer clothes with her and see what the good people of Florida would say about her wares. We'd desperately hoped that Floridians would disprove the snobbishness that ran rampant among the East Village shopkeepers during Jennifer's outing in NYC's East Village the previous week. And, in a way, they - er, she - did. The details on what went down after the jump.

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Above: Club Monaco skirt (left); Club Monaco sweater (right).

The Labels: Isaac Mizrahi; Calvin Klein; Donna Karan; Richard Tyler.

The Clothes: H&M buffalo plaid cotton/polyester dress ($39.99); Club Monaco linen sweater ($99); Club Monaco cotton skirt ($129); Club Monaco cotton/spandex jacket ($199).

The Shop: Traige Consignment
Triage Consignment Showcase — a shop our relatives swear up and down is the nicest designer consignment store in town — raises our suspicions when we spot a rack of clothes devoted solely to Jones New York. We hand our bag of clothes to the girl behind the counter who informs us that she seriously doubts we're going to do very well with the pieces and encourages us to go home and try to, um, find a pair of Gap jeans to add to the mix. "It's all about brands here," she told us, "and I know this one is sorta a good brand [the fake Calvin Klein sweater] but the rest really aren't." She offers us $18 for the sweater, $20 for the dress ("And that's me doing you a favor. This dress is SO out of style. It's really old. No one is wearing anything like this now") $15 for the skirt (which also, apparently, looked "old"), and $12 for the jacket ("I've never even heard of this — I don't think it's a very good brand").

The Final Tally:

  • H&M dress (original price, $39.99) masquerading as Isaac Mizrahi: $20 offer
  • Club Monaco jacket (original price, $199) masquerading as Richard Tyler: $12 offer
  • Club Monaco skirt (original price, $129) masquerading as Donna Karan: $15 offer
  • Club Monaco sweater (original price $99) masquerading as Calvin Klein: $18 offer

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Sweet! I have AE, GAP and Abercrombie out the ass! I'd better call ahead and make sure they know to close down the store in preparation for this huge payload I'm bringing in!

Fucking christ. I keep telling myself I can do fashion outside of NYC, but no. No, I can't.

I hate the SE.