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Members of the French fashion industry signed a charter today promising to promote healthier body images among fashion models. The charter sets out guidelines but does not impose restrictions like those in Spain, where models are required to have a BMI of 18 to walk the runway. The guidelines are mostly centered around "awareness-raising" and "information sharing" about the pitfalls of "extreme thinness," but do little to promote actual steps towards the use of healthier-looking models. [AFP via Breitbart]

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@Hamsterpants: I think a lot of designers get so caught up in the CLOTHES and the DESIGN that they forget they're meant to be worn by human beings. A lot of them fancy themselves artists—which they are, in a way, but I think a lot of them forget that a huge part of their creations is the actual fucking body that goes inside the design. I'm getting the idea that fashion design mentors like Tim Gunn—who, when commenting on the wearability of the designers' work, is generally greeted with flummoxed frowns and babbling jargon-riddled cries of protest—are few and far-between at many design schools. Creating flattering, wearable designs rarely gets you attention in the fashion world, anyway—it's being the enfant terrible with ridiculous designs. See: Deacon, Giles.