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L.A. Schools Squash Jamie Oliver's Plans For Food Revolution

Illustration for article titled L.A. Schools Squash Jamie Olivers Plans For emFood Revolution/em

Jamie Oliver is pleading with the L.A. Unified School District to reconsider after it rejected his request to film Food Revolution in its schools. 75 other districts have turned down his offer to criticize their school lunches on TV.


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Oliver's food makeovers are so NEEDED in schools around the US it's not even funny. I for one, am ecstatic that my kids' school district is really striving for positive change. A lot has happened since I was elementary, I'll say that much. We're in the largest public school district in Houston and the positive changes that are being made are district-wide, not just in the more affluent neighborhoods. I pack their lunch most days, but on the off chance I'm running late in the mornings I'm not at all hesitant to let them buy their lunch that day.

Menu for this month in the reply if anyone's curious.