Kylie Minogue and Kylie Jenner Battle for Trademark on Their First Name

Kylie Minogue has been serenading us for many years now, and her brand is strong. So when she learned of Kylie Jenner’s application to trademark their shared first name, Minogue was quick to protest via legal measures.

As Stereogum reports, Minogue’s representatives, KDB “filed ‘notices of opposition’” to Jenner’s trademark applications for “both advertising and entertainment.”


But being associated with—or even confused for—Jenner does not appeal to Minogue, to say the least. KDB writes on her behalf that “Jenner is a ‘secondary reality television personality’ who has received criticism from disability rights groups and African-American communities.” As such, World Intellectual Property Review explains that Minogue and her representatives do not want Jenner to “dilute her brand.” Ouch.

On the legal front, KDB “also cited existing trademark registrations for the term ‘Kylie’ that cover entertainment services and music recordings.” In addition, Minogue owns “Kylie Minogue darling,” “Lucky — the Kylie Minogue musical,” and “Kylie Minogue.”

This is a legal battle to watch, if only to keep track of the shade Minogue and Jenner exchange in the process.

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