Kristen Stewart Won't Be In the Snow White Sequel That Is Happening Anyway For Some Reason

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Kristen Stewart has been dropped from the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel after Rupert Sanders' wife Liberty Ross made it clear that Sanders would not be working with her again if he had any interest in Gorilla Gluing the shattered Chia pet of their marriage back together.


So how does the studio explain the absence of heroine Snow White? They shift the focus to the other eponymous character: Chris Hemsworth's. Working title: The Huntsman and the Edible Arrangements-With-Champagne Party Pack That Everyone Involved With This Must Be Sending Their Publicists Right Now. [Radar Online]

Wait, or she was never contractually obligated? But she did say before all this shit that she wanted to be in it? Hollywood is confusing. [E! Online]

Furthermore, after wishing and hoping and thinking and praying that she could win him back once "the dust settled," a source says that K-Stew has "realized" and "accepted" that her relationship with Robert Pattinson is over but wants to stay best friends, because they have that whole inalienable bond of being extremely Twilight-famous. [Gather Celebs]

But R-Patz will probably be in Australia by then, and who can blame him? [Page Six]

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So apparently Brad Pitt called Jennifer Aniston and wished her the best of luck with fiancee Justin Theroux as his own wedding to Angelina Jolie draws nigh.

He jokingly asked if he should "save the date," and they both laughed.

I am picturing a real-life version of the Crazed GChat Laugh, which is less "funny ha-ha" and more "a small explosion of mixed feelings," like:

Brad: lol
Jen is typing...
Brad: ?
Jen has entered text
Brad: haha no but actually like
Brad: maybe we should just have a double wedding
Brad: is that crazy
Jen is offline and can't receive messages right now.


[Zee News]

For the first time in nearly 40 years, long-running CBS game show The Price Is Right, now hosted by Drew Carey, is searching for Manna White male models to appear regularly. The auditions will be chronicled on the show's YouTube page and viewers will choose a winner. The contestants will be judged on "qualities such as their verbal skills, posing and ability to properly showcase a product."


(Yes, I know Vanna White was on Wheel of Fortune, but let's not split hairs, for the God of Puns must have his great and terrible breakfast.) [CBS News]

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More of Richard Burton's private diaries have emerged, and the late actor continues to put modern wedding vows to shame when he writes about Elizabeth Taylor:

I have been inordinately lucky all my life but the greatest luck of all has been Elizabeth. She has turned me into a model man but not a prig, she is a wildly exciting lover-mistress, she is shy and witty, she is nobody's fool.

She is a brilliant actress, she is beautiful beyond the dreams of pornography, she can be arrogant and willful, she is clement and loving. She is Sunday's child, she can tolerate my impossibilities and my drunkenness, she is an ache in the stomach when I am away from her and she loves me. She is the prospectus that can never be entirely catalogued, an almanac for poor Richard. And I shall love her forever.


Man, it is so easy to forget that the other 90% of the time, those two were unbalanced alcoholics who ranted and threw gimlets at each other. That's the only shitty part of all this. Oh, wait—

Burton's diaries were given to Swansea University by his widow, Sally Burton.

OK, not the only shitty part. [Daily Mail]

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Chelsea Handler told Marie Claire @ Work that her job was the reason for her split with former NBC chairman Ted Harbert: "I would come home from work, and Ted would be like, ‘Do you want to watch your show?' and I'd be like, ‘No, I just came from my show. That's the last thing I'd want to do.' That was the reason it didn't work out, ultimately. I think." She added that for the sake of her dating life, she tries not to "go too far out of bounds to accommodate someone else." [NYDN]

  • James Deen learned a lot about acting from Lindsay Lohan. [TMZ]
  • Kate Middleton's cousin, burlesque performer Katrina Darling, will be covering next month's Playboy. [ABC News]
  • Today is the day Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian go to court. [TMZ]
  • Mila Kunis on marriage in More! magazine: "I would love to find 'The One'. But I'm not sure about marriage. I see no need. I'll be with somebody because I want to, not because a piece of paper tells me I have to. That said, if the love of my life thinks it's important, then fine, I'll get married... [but] I've met plenty of guys with Peter Pan syndrome, where they don't want to grow up." [Monsters and Critics]
  • Lady Gaga wrote a blog post about the travails of fame and the "betrayal" of close friends. [Pop Crush]
  • Jennifer Lopez does not address boyfriend Casper Smart's Gloryholegate 2012 in a new interview with InStyle, but says "The most important quality the man in my life should have is that he is sweet. I like the good guys. The hard part is that you never stop believing in love. You never stop. But that's also the best part. You never stop believing, and you never, never give up." [People]
  • Here's the first shot of Kate Hudson on Glee. [Daily Mail]
  • The Spice Girls might reunite whether or not Victoria Beckham deigns to show up. [Ninemsn]
  • Shia Labeouf had to bulk the fuck up for a movie and he said it was hard and he drank a lot of moonshine. [Page Six]
  • Saddest: Jennifer Hudson broke down at a charity event commemorating her murdered nephew's birthday. [Tale Tela]
  • Dude, where is's car? NOBODY KNOWS. [Daily Mail]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow minus makeup plus what appears to be a $100,000,000,000 bill. [Daily Mail]
  • Ryan Lochte will have a cameo on 90210. [People]
  • Rumer Willis is dating Jayson Blair: not that Jayson Blair, but this Jayson Blair. One, two Jayson Blairs! Ah-ah-ah. [Us Weekly]
  • Nicki Minaj brought Foxy Brown onstage in New York! [The Life Files]
  • Sheryl Crow was granted a three-year restraining order against her stalker. [HuffPo]
  • Bobby Brown's back in rehab. :( [Daily Mail]
  • Kate Moss grilled a foppishly cute British particle physicist called Professor Brian Cox about the mysteries of our vast universe. [HuffPo]
  • Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, Ice Cube, Wiz Khalifa and Travis McCoy are writing NFL anthems for their respective hometown teams. [BevNET]
  • Evelyn Lozada has filed to divorce Chad Johnson. [NYDN]
  • Helen Mirren hung out with some British troops! [OK! Magazine]



I am kind of weirded out by Shia LeBouf's comments in that Page Six write-up. But then, I still see him as the awkward nerdy kid from "Even Stevens". When he goes off like "Man, I was just SO INTENSE that I scared my co-star and she just couldn't HANDLE MY METHOD SHIT because I'm SO INTENSE", I sort of awkward laugh really loudly. Am I the only one feeling this way?