Kris Jenner Tells Us What It's Like To Be A Saint

The master of all things Kardashian spoke to Good Morning America today about being "so torn" between being the manager of a multi-million dollar empire and a mother to the daughters she's making money off of. While she made no mention about being a glorified pimp, she did take on the age-old question of "why are the Kardashians famous again?"


"We're not actors, we're not singers, we don't have musical talent, I can't dance to save my life. Some people will say, 'you're famous for being famous.' And I say, well, no we're not: we're famous because we have four television shows."


Ahem: You're famous because your daughter Kim — and her enviable ass — were in a sex tape.

Even so, Kris says it's so hard to be a "Momager," because she wants to be "the perfect Mom: at home, baking cookies while at the same time [closing deals] in my office." Her office, by the way, is filled to the brim with Kardashian swag: books, calendars, fragrances — you name it, and if it's got Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe's name or face slapped on it, it will be in that office, each like a shiny trophy that represents Mrs. Jenner's hard work. Because it's Kris that makes all of the Kardashian-branded content and associations in the first place, closing all of those deals and taking a cut of the profits. When asked if she thinks it's at all weird that her daughters write her a paycheck, Kris responded as like a politician: she hadn't really ever thought about it that way before.

"You know, I work so hard, but that's a great question. You know, I really haven't thought about it like that. But we work on things all together, we work so hard, and I do: I put in 18 hour days whether we're filming or not."

A few other takeaways from this interview: Kris's decisions are usually based on a mother's intuition, the sound of the family's doorbell is their Keeping Up With The Kardashians theme song, and Kris believes being a good mother comes down to how well you make baked goods: "I think I'm a really great mom — and I make a really good chocolate chip cookie." Which she will trademark and sell you, if you're interested.

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Why in this culture are 18 hour days celebrated? What about life has led anyone to believe that a healthy way to live it is to work for 18 hours a day. It is what makes me want to run away to a much slower paced country. I love NYC, but everyone is so go go go and so concentrated on their "success" that people never have free time and i'm left seeing "friends" once a week for a quick meal, where all we get to do is ask what is new since the last week.