Kris Jenner Might Guest Star on The Mindy Project

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Mindy Kaling posted this photo on Instagram, hinting that Kris Jenner might play a guest role on The Mindy Project. The caption: "Mindy Lahiri & Kris Jenner: Best friends? @krisjenner #comingsoon #themindyproject." Trick question: Will Kris be acting or will she play herself?


Since Mindy is now pregnant on the show, E! Online posits that: "Perhaps the Kardashian mogul will be giving Mindy some mothering advice." The photo looks like they're at a book signing, so that could be it. More likely, though, Kris is playing an alien momager sent to suck the life force from Mindy's future baby in order to continue the Kardashians' good fortune.

If any of this is true, Kris Jenner would be joining Laverne Cox and Chrissy Teigen (whose episode already aired) as yet another celebrity guest this season. I'm pregnant with emotion.


Image via Mindy Kaling/Instagram

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My pure and mildly obsessive love for everything Mindy made me click on this link despite my absolute hatred for anything Kardashian. Now, this is the worst thing that happened to me all day bc I was an episode behind and had no idea that Mindy's pregnant. I am blaming Kris Jenner. My hatred burns further.