Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian Are Officially Sworn Enemies

Can you believe this? Kim Kardashian, daughter of Kris and wife of Kanye, has just done the unthinkable: She skipped her mom's annual Christmas Eve party because the two had a fight online about Kris's outdated look and "omish" — that's Amish for the rest of us — clothes. And Kris published it.

Not only did Kim not show up to the party, but Kanye and North were also absent, as were any mentions of Kris's to-do on social media. I guess Kim might be a little steamed that her mother, not known for putting their family in the public eye, published a really mean email Kim sent her earlier this month.


Metro reports that that email, which was sent on December 10th, surprised Kris after she had spent "a lovely morning" at a Hollywood Reporter event. At least it was a lovely morning, until Kim sent her the below email:

Dang, I guess little angels weren't blessing Kris that day. It's pretty awesome that Kim has clearly read a self-help book on how to give criticism and starts with something nice like "I love u mom" but hasn't read the part where you shouldn't call your mom's look "omish shit" or learned to proofread.

According to a trusted source, my colleague Julianne who watches the show, Kim and Kris are constantly in competition. Apparently Kris even secretly bid on an an apartment Kim wanted in New York! It's like Flowers In the Attic, except even weirder!


No reaction from Kris about Kim's no-show yet, but I'm willing to bet a reunion is in the works. Either that or a fight to the death. Actually, it could be the same thing.

Update: Thanks to Gella for the definition of "omish" which is what I really, really hope Kim was actually talking about.


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