Kourtney & Khloe: Drugs & Dykes

Those Kardashians love their alliteration. On last night's episode, Khloe had an experience with pseudo-cocaine possession when she found a vial of it in her store's dressing room. Kourtney had an experience with pseudo-lesbianism when she befriended a bisexual woman.

Both the coke and the bisexual woman seemed planted by producers for "Miami-ish" storylines. (As though coke and lesbians are completely foreign to L.A. Lindsay Lohan, anyone?)

While Khloe didn't actually partake in any snorting, Kourtney got in on a little girl-on-girl action by kissing her bisexual friend on a few occasions at a gay bar. She was just experimenting, though, and ended up realizing that she's straight.


On a different note, does anyone speak Spanish? I was trying to figure out what the inappropriate remark this man made at the two women, but I have no idea. They don't teach this stuff in Rosetta Stone.


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