Kourtney Kardashian's Mommy Blog is Nonsensical Hooey

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Kourtney Kardashian has made a temporary transition into "mommy blogger" with the help of an E! camera crew. In short video segments, Kourt is supposed to give parenting tips on things like toys, clothing and time management. In her most recent vlog, "Making Time for Mason," the millionaire reality star sits in full makeup and pajamas while attempts to help working moms by sharing her tricks on balancing career and baby. So what is her advice for super-busy working moms? Nothing of any use:

Going to work for me is really hard. I try to schedule all of our meetings, all of our design meetings, whatever meetings we're taking, I try to schedule them at my house.

I like to be kind of go-with-the-flow, very calm. I don't have a crazy strict schedule and that's what works for me and my family.


From what we get to see on various reality shows, Kourtney seems like a good mom who is super into her kid, and I actually like that she's portrayed as a sort of kooky holistic hippie on the most recent season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, even if that persona is a total machination on the part of the producers. But watching her do things—like feeding her baby kale chips or giving herself an oil enema—is a lot more bearable than hearing her explain things. For example, what she has to say about the virtues of wooden toys is equally wooden:

I just think just to have the knowledge of why wooden toys could be better than plastic toys in general is a good thing and just like everything in moderation.

Like, what the fuck does that even mean? And what about this:

And wooden toys are better for the environment, too because the energy used to make plastic toys is worse than making wooden toys.

Not unlike her family's reality shows, Kourtney's mommy blogging really doesn't help anyone except for the Kardashians as another one of their "branding tools" that keeps making them richer.




As for wooden toys, I just want to put this out there: don't be disappointed, fellow quasi-crunchy to very crunchy moms, when your kid eschews simply wooden horseys and instead sits in rapt silence, basking in the blinking glow and electronic singing glory of Scout.