The truth behind the "Korean Mata Hari," Kim Soo-im, who was thought to have seduced secrets out of an American colonel and later executed by the South Korean military, is finally revealed. • Iraqi sprinter Dana Abdulrazak says that the important thing for her is not winning the gold in Beijing, but just giving Iraq a presence at the Games. • Women's wealth management firm Addidi will set up an all-female investment club called Addidi Angels next month. • A cow in Colorado named Apple chased off a bear that had climbed into her favorite apple tree. •• Speaking of cows, a new breed of miniature cows has been bred in Ireland. Each cow is no taller than a German shepherd. • The prospect of being forced to marry a 75-year-old man in exchange for her own father to have the older man's 13-year-old daughter has driven a Saudi teen to suicide. • Arwa Mutabagani, a professional show jumper, has been appointed to the Saudi Olympic delegation (a first for a woman) and intends to use her position to open Saudi Arabia up to female athletes. • Meanwhile, Condoleezza Rice says she hopes to someday see Saudi women in the Games, which she think will happen after they are given the right to vote. • The lack of "artificial birth control" in the Philippines is expanding the amount of poverty in the region, where more children for a family can mean a great financial stress. • A 27-year-old Egyptian woman in Alexandria gave birth to sextuplets. • Mark O'Connell, author of the book The Marriage Benefit, believes that there are emotional and physical benefits to staying married. • "The Hardwood Cabin" a six-bedroom sex club in the Pacific Northwest, was shut down last month. • A group of South Korean lawmakers have introduced a proposal to ease a ban established in 1987 to prevent doctors from telling parents the gender of their fetus to stop abortions of unborn female children. • Some women work too hard in their positions to be seen as "leaders" and thus get promoted at their jobs. • Does Kim Novak get ignored by film critics because she was "the object of voyeuristic male gaze" in the '50s?