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Kooky Safe Sex Ads Feature "Surprise" Penetration

Illustration for article titled Kooky Safe Sex Ads Feature Surprise Penetration

There's a slightly rape-y undertone in these MTV ads, seen on AdFreak. The first (above, click to enlarge) features a happy-go-lucky man rollerskating through the streets of San Francisco in 1981. He trips on a trolley track and is sent careening, slamming right into the vagina of an innocent (short skirted) woman trying to clean out her vintage automobile. Tagline: "Sex is no accident. Always use a condom." Since turn about is fair play, in another ad, a woman falls off of her bicycle onto the crotch of an innocent sunbather. Scroll down for the last ad, which is so elaborate it's practically a Rube Goldbergian contraption — just add a shoe to kick the chicken to lay an egg to weigh down the scale to set off the rocket to pull the rope attached to the guy's pants. Insane, but then again, the spots are German — maybe something's getting lost in translation?


MTV Ads Remind You That Sex Is No Accident [AdFreak]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

The lesson to be learned from this is: never rollerblade with an erection.