Kony 2012 Founders to Release 'Explainer Video' Later Today

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Invisible Children will release a new 10-minute video later today "that clicks through some of the questions" critics (like us: see here, here, and here) have about their Kony 2012 campaign.


"There's nothing to hide — Invisible Children has been transparent since 2004, when we started," Ben Keesey, the group's chief executive, told "CNN Newsroom" last night. "That's our intention and we want to show that this campaign is part of a model and strategy that's comprehensive."


Invisible Children's team is pretty genius when it comes to snazzy, well-designed videos and infographics, but not as adept at backing their self-described "awareness projects" up with facts — hence the need for this new video — so it will be interesting to see if they approach the same criticisms with a different strategy this time around. It's great that they're responsive, but it would be nice to hear something other than the "but Kony is so evil and we don't need to explain more beyond that" explanation they've been preaching. Why do they spend so much money on travel fees and San Diego office rent? Why are they focusing on Uganda's LRA presence when Kony has been out of the country for six years? Why do they push "action kit" (read: bracelet and tshirt) sales instead of soliciting on-the-ground supplies? Plus, can they please admit their infographic was misleading? We look forward to hearing real answers to these questions rather than more visionary spin.

Invisible Children to address questions in new film Monday [CNN]

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"clicks through some of the questions"

Someone kill me. Seriously. I officially can't take them seriously if they're going to use corporate jargon buzzword crap, not helping the cause dudes.