Komen’s Founder Apologizes to Congress, Asks for Some Money

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On Friday, Susan G. Komen founder Nancy Brinker sent what was most assuredly a heartfelt letter to Congress, apologizing for all the boo-boos the organization made during its very public discontinuation of Planned Parenthood funding and asking representatives, now that the organization's contrite and everything, if they wouldn't mind supporting funding for an early breast cancer detection program. Wrote Brinker,

In the past few months, we made mistakes that ultimately raised questions in the community about our commitment to the mission of saving lives. We take full responsibility for these missteps and we extend our deepest apologies. Our commitment to ending breast cancer for all women remains unwavering and sincere.


Since rescinding and reinstating grants given to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screenings, Komen has seen its signature Race for the Cure events turn in some dismal numbers, and though Politico reports that Komen is able to "invest heavily" in breast cancer research and pay for screenings, Brinker made it clear to Congressional representatives in her letter that the organization will need a helping government hand moving forward. The letter continued, expressing hope that, despite the total bummer of an economy, Congress could see how important Komen's breast cancer research is and summon the magnanimity to throw the organization a few bucks.

Though tough economic conditions present challenges to state and federal budgets, we hope that we can continue to look to you as a supporter of this life-saving program - not for Komen's sake, but for the thousands of women whose only chance at early detection - and early treatment - is through NBCCEDP. Funding this crucial program at $275 million in FY 2013 will ensure that a half-million women are screened for breast cancer in the coming year.

With fundraising becoming increasingly difficult and Komen officials jumping ship, Brinker's letter to Congress seems like the last gambit of a floundering organization. No word yet on whether Congress has considered making Brinker wear a dunce cap and parade three times around the Capitol backwards on a donkey, but maybe if someone suggests it we'll all get a clearer idea of how strapped the organization is for cash.

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Not here anymore

Good riddance. So far as I can see, this organization was doing more harm than good. I don't need my products "pinkwashed" to care about research to help find a cure for breast cancer, and I certainly don't need Komen telling me that my right to make a choice is wrong.