Komen-Planned Parenthood Shitshow Affecting Race For The Cure Registration In Vermont

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Although the Komen Foundation reversed their immensely unpopular decision to cut funds to Planned Parenthood earlier this year as soon as they realized they stepped in yards of shit, the debacle seems to have affected continued support for Vermont-area Race For The Cure participants and sponsorships. The Vermont-New Hampshire Komen chapter lost $8,000 in donations within the first week that the funding cuts were announced, and now, five months later (well after the reversal of the cuts), race registration is at approximately half the rate it was at last year, with major sponsors having backed out as well. It should also be noted that judging by the El Paso registration rate back in February, they didn't seem to hold a grudge.

Vermont-New Hampshire Komen Affiliate Deborah Petersen admits that she understands former Race supporters' lingering anger but tries to remind them that their rage is misdirected. The local chapter is currently working to remind the community that funds raised during the event go directly to area women rather than being handed up to the national Komen organization. Specifically, Vermont and New Hampshire women will benefit directly from 75% of the proceeds and the remaining 25% will go to research, says Petersen, and claims that despite Komen national's funding decision and indecision, their chapter is still "are very supportive of and [respectful of] Planned Parenthood of Northern New England." Carri Rubenstein, this year's chairwoman and a breast cancer survivor, adds:

"Our local Affiliate recently granted $500,000 to local breast cancer education, treatment and screening programs. That's what we here in Vermont and New Hampshire are all about. That's all we're about. We're not about politics. We're about helping local women and men fight this disease, and finding a cure for breast cancer. Period."


Petersen says that pissed Vermont women should absolutely "call or write Komen national in Dallas. Tell them what you think. Give them hell if you want, and then please register for the Vermont race." They're hoping for a sudden spurt in registration as the local race approaches in late July.

'Race for the Cure support plummets' [Bennington Banner]

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Vulcan Has No Moon

Since SGK doesn't really do anything for cancer victims or research, why on earth would anyone donate to them? They seem to be organized solely for doling out huge paychecks to their CEOs and upper management and nothing more. Nobody is interested in donating to SGK anymore because they're not suckers. They're sending their money to real charities.