Knut Zookeeper Found Dead • Cloistered Spanish Nuns Start Cooking Show

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• Thomas Doerflein, the German zookeeper who cared for Knut, was found dead in his Berlin apartment today. He was 44. • Baleka Mbete may become the first South African female President after the forced resignation of Thabo Mbeki and before the installment of future South African President Jacob Zuma who cannot take over the country just yet because he is not a member of parliament. • Lesbian couples in Australia who have children via artificial fertilization can now have both mothers' names on birth certificates, granting them equal parental rights. • Marjorie Knoller, an attorney from California whose pit bulls mauled her neighbor to death in 2001 was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison after a judge reinstated second-degree manslaughter convictions that had previously been thrown out. •• Scientists around the world are working on new male contraceptive techniques one of which involves a remote-controlled sperm valve that can turn off sperm flow at the push of a button. • From today until October 10 a carnival will be held in Nigeria where "bachelor catchers" parade a bachelor around a village in a noose in order to encourage young men to marry. • The Guatemalan government has announced a five-month program to provide some 15,000 lay midwives proper training to avoid preventable childbirth deaths. • A new study from England says that women who are undergoing fertility treatments can increase their chances of having children if they undergo acupuncture during the embryo transfer as part of their regular fertility treatment. • The annulling of a French marriage in 2006 based on the fact that the wife lied about her virginity is currently being appealed because the court decided that a woman's virginity was an "essential quality" and therefore grounds for annulment. • Historians and economists believe that "witch-hunts" tend to occur when times get tough as evidenced by Western history and current persecution of "witches" around the world. • The Japanese Defense Ministry decided today to lift gender restrictions aboard destroyers for female members of the Maritime Self-Defense Force. • An English woman kept a baby hare alive by storing the little fluffball in her bra to keep it warm and feeding the hare baby formula with a syringe. • A pair of cloistered nuns in Spain are the country's newest celebrity chefs with a hybrid reality show and cooking show called Taste of Heaven. • A new rapid test for HPV, careHPV, may be able to help stop cervical cancer for some women in rural villages worldwide. • The Indian government's decision to review the Anti-Dowry Act has been criticized by women's organizations who want the Act to be strengthened instead of dissolved or relaxed. • Okay, so we have been entranced for the past hour by this cute video of a kitty playing "red light, green light" with a camera. Whatevs, it's cute! •

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Would you please not refer to the dogs involved in the death of that woman's neighbor as "pit bulls"? They are Presa Canarios- a very different breed of dog that has no affiliation with APBT's, Staffordshire terriers, or any other mainstream bully breed. By perpetuating the myth that pitbulls are vicious mankillers, you are helping breed-discrimination legislation, which deprives the world of some seriously great dogs.