Know a Sophia or a Jayden? Don't Worry, You Will.

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Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways, kind of like how I met so many girls named Jennifer in college. And 18 years from now, a good chunk of incoming university freshmen will be named Sophia and Jayden. Welcome to 2013's top baby names.


After Jayden, which is also spelled as Jaden, are Ethan, Jacob, Daniel and Matthew. As for female baby names after Sophia, there are Emma, Olivia, and Emily.

Elsewhere, parents were inspired by weather patterns and Tinsel Town.

Summer came in at 101, closely followed by Autumn at 117, and the oddly-spelled Wynter, a variation of Winter.

Many parents took their cues from Hollywood, with names like Angelina (47), Scarlett (58), Leonardo (87), and Ashton (136).


Leonardo, though? Didn't they see The Wolf of Wall Street?

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It seems like it's impossible these days to actually name a baby something unique and original. I blame facebook/the internet in general. Person comes up with name -> distant facebook acquaintance sees name, steals or suggests to friend for their baby because this distant acquaintance won't care, since they live in another country -> repeat until Olivia is in the top 3.