Okay, so you know how all work is sort of becoming sex work these days? I mean, you can get a perfectly respectable job at American Apparel, or Hollister, or the Hawaiian Tropic Zone, or as a cast mate on a reality show, or working at a casino, but at the end of the day no matter what you're gonna be around bosses who spent more time licking whipped cream off strippers' tits than they do on your performance review and female "career coaches" who advise you to wear more makeup if you want that promotion. Hey, that's life! So anyway, meet Knockouts, the latest big service industry employer vying for the talents of ambitious young women. It's like the Hottie Hair Cuttery!

But does it strike anyone as a bit weird that to justify signing up for something as supposedly feminine as a manicure, some guys feel the need to go to a place where they can check out their stylist's ass? It seems a little defensive — "Yeah, sure, I got my chest waxed — but you should have seen my manicurist's tits!"

Um, so yeah, what I was saying was...I'm supposed to find that weird? Have you tried to get a job lately?

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