Kiwi columnist Garth George thinks that you should be ashamed of yourself for what your political views on reproductive choice forced a man to do to this woman. Via Feministing, George believes that violence against women is karmic retribution for the scourge of abortion, as well as a not-unreasonable response by men who "feel their maleness is under threat" by women's strides toward equality in society. If we just stopped trying to be more than barefoot and pregnant, men would totally stop beating us. [Feministing, New Zealand Herald]


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A big, strong man once told me "A real man knows that he's a man without beating up women or trying to control them because being in control of himself is the greater achievement." He did his military service but hates guns for what they can do. He got over the fact that his wife made more than he did because she happened to be in a hotter field and took over more chores and most of the cooking. He claims that I turned him into a feminist just by being born because having a daughter makes a man want to fight everything that might harm them or hold them back. He made us sign up for self-defense classes but if anyone had done to any family member or friend what was done to this poor girl, we'd have been taking pies to him in jail because he had our back. I hope he doesn't see that article because he's getting on a bit and needs to watch his blood pressure these days.

Please be comforted in your rage and sadness, because for every a$$hole like this columnist, there are a dozen men out there who think like my dad. They don't make headlines most of the time but they exist and they love us. They are the real men (and they'd help kick Garth George in the nagalas).