Kitten And Parrot Duke it Out for MMA Sofa Championship

It's a battle for the ages: Kitten is a sheltered professional fighter who has been waiting for all of her eight weeks of life for this moment, but is emotionally chafing under the strict reigns of his gruff father/trainer. Meanwhile, Parrot is the scrappy underdog (underparrot?) who learned to fight on the rough streets of Baltimore, penniless and parentless, but with the undeniable fire to win. We root for both, but there can only be one MMA Sofa Champion.


Look for the soundtrack on iTunes shortly, featuring hit single "Eye Of The Tiger-Kitten-Parrot" by Survivor. And probably "Fix You" by Coldplay, since it's in everything else.

[via Tastefully Offensive]

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my favorite is the moment nearing the end where the kitten is like 'Oh look my tail! Wait! Back to bird."