Kirstie Alley's Crash Quasi-Diet For DWTS

Kirstie Alley took two spills, during a rehearsal segment that was aired on last night's DWTS, and complained about feeling dizzy before admitting to the cameras that she had only consumed 150 calories. Later she told her partner Maks that she was on a 1400 calorie diet, which he told her was "not enough." When asked about the incident on the live show, Kristie said, "I wasn't intentionally not eating—I forgot." To which her partner Maks replied, "For like seven weeks."


Her efforts haven't gone unnoticed by the judges, with Carrie Ann Inaba telling her last week that she looked great, and Bruno Tonioli saying last night, "Your body's shrinking, your talent is huge!" Kirstie admitted herself this week that "more than ever, the pressure is on." She was most likely referring to getting the lowest scores last week, but she could very well have meant that she was nervous about the two lifts that Maks choreographed into their routine, which would make anyone nervous after the pair fell over a few weeks back after he buckled when he couldn't support her weight. And it probably doesn't feel very good to have a late-night talk show host compare you to a pig.

Kirstie weight issues and flirtations with crash diets are nothing new. In recent years, it's been the prominent reason she's been in the press, starting with her gig as a Jenny Craig spokeswoman. (Ugh, remember those horrific commercials where she wore those wizard-y robes and screeched through the TV about how we were fat like her, peering into our souls with her crazed Vulcan eyes?) She had some success on the diet, which pumped up her self esteem enough in 2006 to parade around in her undies (and control-top pantyhose) on Oprah's stage. But in 2008, after she actually gained weight, she was fired from the weight-loss company. She returned to Oprah in 2009 to talk about falling off the diet wagon, where she also vowed that she was going to lose a whole bunch of weight in a very short period of time with a new diet. She was referring to Organic Liason, the weight-loss supplement she was shilling that is funded by Scientology. Kirstie even had an ill-fated reality show that was supposed to focus on her weight loss. She didn't lose much weight and the show was canceled.



I just have to point out that his leg probably didn't buckle under her weight; he had a muscle spasm—maybe that was bull story they were putting out, but the next week he threw in several of the same types of move... Maks can be a jerk sometimes, but he does seem to be very supportive of Kirstie (literally and figuratively). (Also, I'm closer to Kirstie-sized and my boy can pick me up (and he isn't anywhere as buff as Maks)).

I know she's got a bit of the crazies and such, but I love seeing a woman of her size and age dancing like she does.