King. Joffrey. Vogues.

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King Joffrey has come back from the dead, and he is voguing all for you.

Reported as a “rare sighting” by TMZ, former Game of Thrones actor Jack Gleeson made an appearance at a cosplay conference in Abu Dhabi alongside Naomi Kyle, a host at IGN and Gleeson’s girlfriend.

The video, which may or may not be the Dancing Baby Cha-Cha of our time, does not feature any Starks, Lannisters, direwolves, dragons, or Jon Snow, but it should.

Until it is inevitably available on YouTube, you can watch King Joffrey be the best version of Madonna here. It will inevitably remind you how good Game of Thrones used to be, so I am sorry in advance that I ruined your GoT sixth season premiere night. [TMZ]


People might have at one point or another done the sexing things on Hillary Clinton’s private jet, like any other airplane that you have been on in your entire life.

According to TMZ, the presidential hopeful’s aircraft carrier purportedly belongs to poker player and Internet personality Dan Bilzerian, who is apparently “famous for his Playboy-esque parties in the sky.”

Here’s how TMZ reportedly confirmed it:

“We did some checking, and the the tail number matches the one registered to Bilzerian’s company, Goat Airways LLC. A charter company made a deal with Hillary’s campaign org. to lease the plane.”


I think the real story here is that friends and family of Bilzerian let him name his airline “Goat Airways LCC,” but that’s just me. [TMZ]

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