Kim Zolciak Reveals Her Real Hair, and It's Shockingly Gorgeous

What happened on last night's episode of Kim Zolciak's very own spinoff show Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding was four years in the making, ever since the big-boobed blonde first appeared on our screens on Real Housewives of Atlanta: She took off her wig. So what is her real hair like? Almost exactly like her wig except a few inches shorter, a little bit straighter, and much more natural looking. In fact, for hair that's been bleached and processed for years, it's rather thick and shiny and beautiful. However, someone noted as a "wig expert" (there's such a thing?) called bullshit on Kim's "real hair" in In Touch, insisting that she had extensions to thicken her hair in this scene.

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I think she definitely looks older with the shorter hair, but so, so much better! Great cut too!