Kim Richards Is the Most Wasted Housewife Ever

Kim Richards recently checked out of rehab, but unfortunately for her, her downward spiral was captured on camera and then aired on television last night. Spending most of the episode in the back of a limousine and various bathrooms, camera caught Kim doing a terrible job at attempting to conceal her "medicine" in her purse—which also involved a $100 bill—implying that maybe whatever it is that she was on was being snorted.

In general, Kim was just a total mess, who couldn't tell the difference between lipstick and a vibrator. Weirdly, though, she brought the vibrator with her to the opening of Lisa's restaurant, and then locked herself in the bathroom with it and her drugs.

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And while Kim was busy doing that, she was missing out on a very special, very contrived scene in which Taylor shows up with her shrink and proudly shows off her shiner so that everyone who doubted whether or not she was the victim of domestic violence could "eat crow." At the end of the talk, all the ladies clasped hands like they were in Steel Magnolias.

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Another childhood memory destroyed.