Kim Kardashian's Baby Sisters Continue To Be Sexual, Age Inappropriate

On last night's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and momager Kris all headed down to Joe Francis' multi-million dollar vacation home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to shoot a print campaign for the new Girls Gone Wild "couture" swimsuit line—a personal request Francis made via phone from his jail cell. So while the family is away, half-brother Brody Jenner steps in to babysit the two little girls, Kylie, 9, and Kendall, 11. The girls begin to play "Girls Gone Wild," by lifting up their shirts, screaming "Woo!" and then eventually making their way to the stripper pole in their parents' room. Then Brody's "manager" Frankie Delgado films them. It's all really insane, considering that right now, Joe Francis is in major trouble for filming underage girls. Oh, then in the "coming up on the next episode" teaser, we get to see Kim being adamant about not wanting to remove her top for her Playboy shoot. As we've learned this week, she bared it all. And when we say "all" we mean her nips, lips, and cheeks.

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All of the photos look real '70s Playboy. Well, you know, with the exception of a lack of pubic hair.

Kim Kardashian PLAYBOY Magazine PICS!!! [The Life Files]

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@lfw1031: To be fair, that was totally f*cking disgusting (someone needs to make Frankie eat dog shit...he was getting off on little girls who didn't know wtf they were doing or the connotations of their "pretend") but I'd rather live in the reality-TV America than Afghanistan, South America, or any other country that treasures girls' "purity" in part b/c they have little respect for women and the dirty old men who want a piece of them want them "pure" and "chaste" before deflowering.

I could go into the way we deal with child prostitution here versus in, say, India (another supposedly conservative country when it comes to presentations of sexuality), get the idea.

F*ck the world hating us for reality TV...they should remove the plank in their own eye first.

That said....UGH. What a f*cking disgusting family...and the scum that flock to them, as a salivating audience....UGH!