Kim Kardashian...Stylist?!

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  • You, too, can look just like Kim Kardashian! The professional rich person, TV personality and cattle-driver is auctioning off a personal styling session to benefit Russell Simmons' Art for Life philanthropic event. Which is very laudable and all - but does nothing to explain why Kim's fashion savvy has already fetched a bid of $1,000! [LA Times]
  • Justin Timberlake, reluctant muse, didn't want to be the face of William Rast. Unless, you know, he was in character. Says a Rast creative director: "We came up with this idea for him to play a role as this guy named William Rast. So it isn't meant to be Justin, it's Justin playing a role, as an actor. When we explained the idea, he instantly loved it and got really into building the profile of this character." [WWD]
  • Correction! Kitson says that rumors that Victoria Beckham's men's denim line has been pushed back are 100% false and that the collection will appear at holiday time as originally scheduled. [New York Magazine]
  • Naomi Campbell: "I'm not a bad person...I'm blessed to be able to do charitable work and good things but no one focuses on that because I don't throw it in people's faces." [E!]
  • Naomi's also doing another bizarre SoBe Life Water ad. This time dancing to "Black Magic Woman." [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Is Bravo deliberately sabotaging Project Runway? Folks have been noting that the normally ubiquitous posters have been MIA in the run-up to the show's final season before departing for the dowdier waters of Lifetime. Bravo execs say it's to preserve contestants' "anonymity" but such scruples have certainly never troubled them before...[Fabsugar]
  • We have to wait a endless day for Project Runway to start. But the Australian version has already begun! As one of the commenters puts it, "the one guy with the hair reminded me of a smaller, nicer, less irritating Bobby Trendy." True, true. [Oh No They Didn't]
  • eBay bests Tiffany in landmark ruling over counterfeit-policing responsibilities. [WWD]
  • As Scott said, the rich are different from you and me. "Like the husbands who pay the bills - anything from £50,000 to £150,000 for an elaborately jewelled creation - these women don't give tuppence for the avant-garde. They want a waist where God intended; they don't want flashes in embarrassing places and are bemused by garments with three sleeves. They want everything just as it always has been - at least, since the 1950s. And Paris couture survives by meeting their needs." [The Times]
  • More about Dubai's new "Fashion Island", aka "Hell." [Myrtus</a]
  • We recessionistas like consignment shopping! Despite its "stigma." [Star Tribune]
  • In case you were wondering: Jessica Stam, the 22-year-old model known for dating both Flea and DJ AM, has now hooked up with Huey Lewis' son, Austin Cregg. [Oh No They Didn't]
  • Stock upgrade dramatically boosts Macy's shares. [WWD]
  • Converse debuts the video for its much-hyped Julian Casablancas-Pharrell Williams-Santogold single, "My Drive Thru." The Times of London calls the song "a three-headed Frankenstein's monster of coolness." I'm keeping mum. [Brand Week]
  • Wanna predict the market? Watch the runway shows. "Although designers always dismiss the correlation between skirt lengths and financial markets as a fashion historian's fantasy, the parallels are striking. Up went hemlines to dizzying heights in the financial and social whirl of the roaring 1920s - revealing women's legs for the first time in recorded history. Then came the bear market and bare was out - except for low backs on the floor-length gowns that dropped hemlines just before the 1929 Wall Street crash." Is it a coincidence that designers are quite literally tightening belts for fall? [IHT]
  • Liberty prints take the high street. [ElleUK]
  • It happened on this date: 1997, Gianni Versace murdered. [US News]
  • Claudia Schiffer for Ferragamo. []
  • And for Dolce and Gabbana! [fashionista]
  • Lauren Conrad on snubbing Marc Jacobs: "I met Marc Jacobs when we were filming and I got so nervous when I saw him that I didn't really know what to do. I was trying to act cool, but I didn't even stand up to shake his hand. I actually came off a little bit too cold, like I didn't really care and I felt kind of bad. I get really starstruck over really random people and designers." [New York Magazine]
  • British biker label Belstaff to outfit Batman. [ElleUK]



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