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Kim Kardashian...Stylist?!

Illustration for article titled Kim Kardashian...Stylist?!
  • You, too, can look just like Kim Kardashian! The professional rich person, TV personality and cattle-driver is auctioning off a personal styling session to benefit Russell Simmons' Art for Life philanthropic event. Which is very laudable and all - but does nothing to explain why Kim's fashion savvy has already fetched a bid of $1,000! [LA Times]
  • Justin Timberlake, reluctant muse, didn't want to be the face of William Rast. Unless, you know, he was in character. Says a Rast creative director: "We came up with this idea for him to play a role as this guy named William Rast. So it isn't meant to be Justin, it's Justin playing a role, as an actor. When we explained the idea, he instantly loved it and got really into building the profile of this character." [WWD]
  • Correction! Kitson says that rumors that Victoria Beckham's men's denim line has been pushed back are 100% false and that the collection will appear at holiday time as originally scheduled. [New York Magazine]
  • Naomi Campbell: "I'm not a bad person...I'm blessed to be able to do charitable work and good things but no one focuses on that because I don't throw it in people's faces." [E!]
  • Naomi's also doing another bizarre SoBe Life Water ad. This time dancing to "Black Magic Woman." [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Is Bravo deliberately sabotaging Project Runway? Folks have been noting that the normally ubiquitous posters have been MIA in the run-up to the show's final season before departing for the dowdier waters of Lifetime. Bravo execs say it's to preserve contestants' "anonymity" but such scruples have certainly never troubled them before...[Fabsugar]
  • We have to wait a endless day for Project Runway to start. But the Australian version has already begun! As one of the commenters puts it, "the one guy with the hair reminded me of a smaller, nicer, less irritating Bobby Trendy." True, true. [Oh No They Didn't]
  • eBay bests Tiffany in landmark ruling over counterfeit-policing responsibilities. [WWD]
  • As Scott said, the rich are different from you and me. "Like the husbands who pay the bills - anything from £50,000 to £150,000 for an elaborately jewelled creation - these women don't give tuppence for the avant-garde. They want a waist where God intended; they don't want flashes in embarrassing places and are bemused by garments with three sleeves. They want everything just as it always has been - at least, since the 1950s. And Paris couture survives by meeting their needs." [The Times]
  • More about Dubai's new "Fashion Island", aka "Hell." [Myrtus</a]
  • We recessionistas like consignment shopping! Despite its "stigma." [Star Tribune]
  • In case you were wondering: Jessica Stam, the 22-year-old model known for dating both Flea and DJ AM, has now hooked up with Huey Lewis' son, Austin Cregg. [Oh No They Didn't]
  • Stock upgrade dramatically boosts Macy's shares. [WWD]
  • Converse debuts the video for its much-hyped Julian Casablancas-Pharrell Williams-Santogold single, "My Drive Thru." The Times of London calls the song "a three-headed Frankenstein's monster of coolness." I'm keeping mum. [Brand Week]
  • Wanna predict the market? Watch the runway shows. "Although designers always dismiss the correlation between skirt lengths and financial markets as a fashion historian's fantasy, the parallels are striking. Up went hemlines to dizzying heights in the financial and social whirl of the roaring 1920s - revealing women's legs for the first time in recorded history. Then came the bear market and bare was out - except for low backs on the floor-length gowns that dropped hemlines just before the 1929 Wall Street crash." Is it a coincidence that designers are quite literally tightening belts for fall? [IHT]
  • Liberty prints take the high street. [ElleUK]
  • It happened on this date: 1997, Gianni Versace murdered. [US News]
  • Claudia Schiffer for Ferragamo. []
  • And for Dolce and Gabbana! [fashionista]
  • Lauren Conrad on snubbing Marc Jacobs: "I met Marc Jacobs when we were filming and I got so nervous when I saw him that I didn't really know what to do. I was trying to act cool, but I didn't even stand up to shake his hand. I actually came off a little bit too cold, like I didn't really care and I felt kind of bad. I get really starstruck over really random people and designers." [New York Magazine]
  • British biker label Belstaff to outfit Batman. [ElleUK]

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

Do I get to wear Batman's jacket? Will he help me into it? I think those are the only relevant question there, Belstaff. *kthx*

Kim, honey, just because some people have more money than taste and want to take yoga class with Russell, you cannot infer therefrom that you have styling talent. Thanks baby. We'll call you.

Justin? Mr. Rast? Ethan Hawke's Hamlet called. It wants its pretentions back. Love you. Mean it.