Kim Kardashian Should Be Grateful For That W Cover!

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The cover of W is a major coup. And, more to the point, she looks amazing and got the Barbara Kruger treatment!

On Kourtney and Kim Take Manhattan, Kim breaks down on sight of the nude cover, crying,

I'm more naked here than I was in Playboy...I'm so f—-ing mad right now... She promised I would be covered with artwork. ... This is serious porn. ... You can see nipple...I feel so taken advantage of. I've definitely learned my lesson.


Later, she seemed resigned, telling Ryan Seacrest, "At the end of the day, they are gorgeous photos, and I'm glad I did it, and I love them. But at the time, I was shocked about how they weren't how I thought they would be."

But what did she think was going to happen? Clearly, she knew she was...undressed. And it's obvious the cover's commenting on overexposure. Here's what the magazine had to say to the Cut:

In keeping in line with the theme of W magazine's November Art Issue, Kim Kardashian's cover was conceived as an artistic collaboration with well-known artist Barbara Kruger, and was a meditation on the influence that reality TV has on contemporary culture. The inside portfolio documented the career and power of Kim Kardashian as a work of art, using the language of artists like Jeff Koons [see Rabbit] and Gilbert & George [see The Singing Sculpture].

Whether or not you think this is a bit much, it's clear they had a vision into which Kardashian had to fit, and not the other way around. And seriously, for someone who hasn't exactly established her high-fashion cred, this cover's a coup. (Also, just to be technically accurate: we're not seeing any visible nipple [on the cover].)

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Official Witch of Los Angeles

Man, if I looked as good as she does, I'd OF COURSE get butt naked and be on the front of a magazine for "art."

Hell, if Barbara Kruger wanted to photo collage me naked as I look now and put it on the side of the Empire State Building, I'd say yes because BARBARA FUCKING KRUGER.

That is all.