Kim Kardashian Says She's a 'Strict Mother'

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Wearing a terribly unflattering Balmain rope dress on a $20 million yacht in Cannes, Kim Kardashian gave her first interview since her wedding last month to Kanye West. She mostly discussed her parenting style, saying she's "strict" with North on naps and sleeping in her own crib, while inadvertently throwing shade at her sister Kourtney.


Attending a party for the Mail Online, Kim talked about motherhood:

"I am a strict mother. I'm really fun and playful, but I'm really strict on nap time, and sleeping in her own crib. Like Kourtney's style is where her kids sleep in bed with her, so especially with the third baby coming – they're going to need a bigger bed or they're going to need some other rules. And maybe on weekends, [North will] come and sleep in the bed with us. But … I'm not crazy strict."

Side eye on her "they're going to need some other rules" comment about her sister's parenting.

Kim also explained the importance of "me time" for moms.

"To prioritize is really important and you have to be an organized person to get it all done and make sure you have enough time for everyone—for my husband and my baby and for work. It's that simple; to prioritize—and make some time for yourself. I get up and work out every morning. I know that I don't feel as good as I could feel if I don't—and you want to feel your best so you can give to everyone else. So I make sure I do take time for myself; I have lunches with my girlfriends, and do things that are important. Sometimes I see a lot of my friends just get taken over by their kids and their life, and that's great, but if you don't spend a little bit of time—whether it's two hours a day, or one day a week to go and visit with your friends. It really helps a lot."

OK, so if she works out every morning that's probably like 90 minutes. And then she has her hair and makeup professionally done, which is a minimum of like two hours. And then she takes two hours for lunch with girlfriends. So that's about six North-free hours each day right there. But luckily for Kim, she gets to work with her daughter right by her side.

"North's always there. You might not see her face, but she's in there. But for her own privacy, we just don't have her in that much. The beauty of having a reality show – especially as we film at the house – is that the baby's there. So I actually get to be with her – as opposed to if I had a job in an office, where I couldn't be in the same room with her while I was working. So I actually feel really lucky to have that advantage to spend so much time with her. I get to see her every single day. I'm there with the baby – it's kind of perfect. It's the best job."


To be fair though, this is what counts as a day at the office for Kim.

She also took some time to discuss the impossible standards that she and Kanye have set for their own marital bliss.

"I feel as though we'll always be in the honeymoon period. We always say we really like to treat each other like it's our birthday. I try to treat him like it's his birthday every single day. I think we'll always be like that. We always try to make life as fun and enjoyable as possible. We do travel, and work really hard, when we're together – and even when we're apart, we're always on the phone 24/7 – just trying to make that time as memorable as possible."



Of course she has a live-in nanny along with a personal assistant. "Me" time is easier to have if somebody else is watching the baby while you're having it.

Her advice is irrelevant to anyone outside the 1%.