Kim Kardashian: Reshape Your Body To Stay Trendy!

As far as red carpet personalities go, there's something refreshing about Kim Kardashian — and her shapely figure. So why is she shilling a workout DVD which promotes changing your body for fashion trends?

According to the press release, Kim's new #1 Buns Workout, Fit In Your Jeans By Friday, enlists her fave trainers for "no excuse, no equipment" drills which will have you "wriggling into the latest denim trends in no time." This means doing squats and lunges so you can wear cigarette jeans; isolating abs so you can wear "tummy baring" boyfriend jeans; and doing cha cha and mambo steps to get a great booty for high waisted jeans.


Oh, by cigarette jeans they mean skinny jeans; but someone made the wise executive decision not to use the word skinny. Though in the press release, Kim says: "For me, skinny is just a style of jeans - not a goal."

Obviously, there's nothing wrong with promoting exercise, but isn't Kim's "keep your curves" attitude at odds with "get slim quick"? If you can't fit into your own jeans now, is it really possible that you'll get into them by Friday?

Luckily, it's tough to get too agitated about this, since the promotional video on the site is so hilarious. Kim swears, "I'm always trying to figure out how I can get in my jeans by Friday." And! If you listen closely you can hear Kim describe her body as "volumptuous." She claims her look in the workout videos — she wears shimmery spandex and leather gloves — is "high fashion" and "Eighties but futuristic." As for the set, it is supposed to be a "French Parisian apartment," which Kim says is "authentic me."

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