Kim Kardashian Opens Up About O.J. Simpson

People are always asking, "Why is Kim Kardashian even famous?" Yeah, she has a porno, and yeah, she's friends with Paris Hilton, but she's actually had a pretty fascinating childhood that, at the very least, makes her a somewhat worthy pop culture figure. Her stepdad, Bruce Jenner, is one of the biggest American Olympic stars of all time, and her father, Robert Kardashian, was best friends with, and lawyer for, O.J. Simpson. The fact that the Kardashians had such a long history with O.J. and Nicole Brown made for high drama when Kris Kardashian sat with Nicole's family during O.J.'s murder trial, while Kim and Khloe - both living with their dad at the time - sat on the defense's side in the courtroom. Kim talked about the experience on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Clip above.


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