Kim Kardashian Made $12 Million Last Year & Paid Barely Any Taxes

Are you angry about Kim Kardashian? Are you angry about the rich not paying enough taxes? This is your jam! The Courage Campaign has launched a new commercial that shames Kim for making $12 million dollars in one year alone and getting taxed only one percent more than everyone else. It begins with the classiest of quotes from Kim, which goes as follows: "Being on TV has changed my life because… (pause) I get lots of free stuff!" Gross.


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Kat Callahan

I'd suggest an Occupy Kardashian movement, but that sounds like sexual assault, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone actually tried to make a rape joke about it, which would further enrage/depress me.

But seriously, collectively, people like Kardashian are the reason why social services suck, and why a flat tax is such a terrible idea.