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Kim Kardashian Lies About Being a Shy Teen So We Like Her More

Was a shy, confidence-free Kim Kardashian replaced with a bratty teen in 1994? If we’re to believe her responses in an interview with Matt Lauer at the Time 100 gala (it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving), that might be the case. A Paul Is Dead-level swap is the only explanation for the glaring inconsistencies between Kim’s memory of childhood and Kim’s childhood as it was recorded on home video during her 8th grade graduation.


We’ve made a video comparison of the footage to help you decide for yourself. Check it out and tell us if you think Kim Kardashian was replaced with someone else in 1994.

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Eh. I think this is just a thing famous people do anymore. “I was a geek, a loner, shy,” etc. etc. to endear themselves to the public. If there had been as many nerds back in my day as those that claim to have been now, I would have had a LOT more friends than I actually did.