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Kim Kardashian's been having a bit of a hard time lately. From fighting with her mom on Christmas to having her offers of adoption rejected to the backlash she faced when she cut North out of a photo. Could it all be because she can't have the one thing she really wants — another baby?


TMZ reports that Kim and Kanye have been trying to conceive for months but that something's wrong and Kim just can't get pregnant. Sources close to the couple (probably Kris Jenner) have said that Kim's very open about the fact that she's trying and failing to get pregnant, but that doesn't make it any easier. And, according to TMZ, Kanye's going to the doctor with her once a month, trying to figure out how to make this pregnancy work.

Allegedly, Kim's on a no stress and traveling diet in order to make the process easier, but it hasn't worked yet. She's hoping that, like North, she'll have another "miracle baby" and I'm rooting for her really hard. Because, sorry, I like Kim Kardashian. There, that's my confession of 2014: I hope Kim gets everything she wants. (And that it's taped before a live audience so I can binge watch while alone on Saturday nights.)


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