On last night's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Kim celebrated her 30th birthday with a big birthday part in Vegas (for which she was no doubt paid an exorbitant fee to attend) while pissing and moaning the entire time about how old 30 is and how her life may as well be over.

At first Kim's complaining seemed annoying, especially considering that she's actually accomplished a great deal, career-wise, at such a young age. But then after considering how—marketing skills and business savviness aside—much of her success stems from her looks and her infamous body, perhaps contributing to her mini-crisis is the fear that this wild ride will end once she is deemed (by Hollywood standards at least) too old to be fuckable. Maybe she's not scared that her life will be over, but instead, that Kim Kardashian the brand will be over. Either way, she and her mom did keg stands.