Kim Kardashian Decides to Turn the Cameras Off

There's really only one word to sum up the finale of Kourtney & Kim Take New York: Boxes. As their stay in New York was coming, everyone was packing up their clothes and belongings, and when confronted with Kris' boxes, Kim finally realized—given the tangible analogy provided by said boxes—that she didn't have room in her home for his clothes and didn't have room in her life for a husband. But before she arrived at that conclusion, there were so many conversations about the boxes. Kim wanted Kris' boxes shipped to Minnesota. He waned to ship his boxes to L.A. Kourtney agreed with Kris' idea about the boxes. Kim was having panic attacks just thinking about the boxes, and eventually, the boxes—and the loveless marriage they represented—made her cry. She called Khloe and Lamar and told them about the boxes. She had a heart-to-heart with Scott about the boxes. In the end, Kris wanted to make Kim happy, so he compromised and put the boxes in storage. A week later she filed for divorce. In an interview segment—no doubt taped well after their breakup—Kim admits that she's lived her life as an open book, saying, "I film everything, but there comes a time when you kind of just have to handle your issues privately." And thus, the Kardashian's reality empire transitions into a new season of Khloe & Lamar.


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If the camera is off, does a Kardashian still exist?