When on trial for the killing of your ex-girlfriend, take a leaf out of the charming Paul Cortez' book - go TMI and then start rapping.

"Taking the witness stand in Manhattan Supreme Court, Paul Cortez insisted he did not kill Woods on Nov. 27, 2005 - and tried to explain how his bloody fingerprint may have ended up on a wall in her upper East Side apartment.

Prosecutors are using the fingerprint to pin the murder on Cortez. But he told jurors he and Woods sometimes had sex when she menstruated. Asked by his attorney Laura Miranda if he ever got his hands "dirty" during sex, he said, "Yes."

Miranda then asked him if he touched the walls during his repeated romps with Woods. "I might have, yes," he said.

.....Prosecutors have accused Cortez of penning macabre poems and song lyrics describing the brutal slaying.

Rocking from side to side, Cortez performed the rap-like recitation of his song "Killin' Machine" in the courtroom yesterday. Cortez said the lyrics - including "Shakin' on the killin' machine, ya got violated" - had nothing to do with Woods. The title of the song, he said, actually refers to a jumbo-sized sex toy.

"It's actually a nice song," he said."

Oh! It's a nice song about being violated in your vagina with an over-sized sex toy.


That's okay then. We're so relieved.

[IHe's artistic, you see]