Killer Heels

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This morning, two teenage sisters in Florida were badly beaten with high heel shoes by approximately 30 members of a girl gang known as "The Rock Star Girls" and "The Cheerleaders" in the parking lot of a nightspot known as "Club Crunk." The gang members approached the two victims as they were waiting in the parking lot after being denied entry into the club when three of the members took off their shoes and began beating them. One of the members beat the girls with an eight-inch brown stiletto heel (ugly shoes for an ugly personalities!) while saying "B, I am gonna kill you" and another stating "B, I fight to kill." The victims were left with deep cuts on their face that required hospital treatment. The police were alerted when the victim's mother called 911 and told police "Look at my babies, they were beaten at a club by, like, 30 hoes." Ouch! Let this be a lesson: Beware of women with horrible taste in footwear. [The Smoking Gun]

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Stranger Bird

...Then, the Rock Star Girls and the Cheerleaders had a finger-snapping dance-off rumble.

My mind just keeps boggling and re-boggling at the idea of 8-inch heels, lordy lordy.