Kids Who Get Carried Away... A Poll

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Our favorite fashion critic, the Washington Post's Robin Givhan, thinks that the children of New York City are a little spoiled. [A "little"? -Ed.] For example: She doesn't think that Times Square should be safe for children. (Ditto for us!). And as for what she hates most about living in New York?

The belief by so many parents that there's absolutely nothing wrong with hauling a double-wide, double-decker stroller into tiny stores without so much as an excuse me. (Some of these kids look big enough to run a marathon, and they're still being pushed around in a Bugaboo?)


Preach it, sister! We knew there was a reason we loved this lady, and, considering all the annoying pictures of celeb moms and dads carrying around children of kindergarten age, we think its an important issue. After the jump, tell us when you think a kid is too old to be carted around everywhere.

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That 3-year-old who is perfectly able to walk on his own is also perfectly able to refuse to do so and perfectly able to be distracted by everything in his path.

Shops full of Bugaboos or sidewalks littered with toddlers checking out every discarded gum wrapper while their mothers yell "will you just come ON!"?....You decide!