Kids Today Still Dressing Slutty; Kimora May Be Partially To Blame

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We have written time and time again about kids nowadays dressing like streetwalkers. What's weird is that young celebs are, suddenly, dressing more and more like old women. (Seriously, what's with Blair Waldorf and all her blazers on Gossip Girl?) Anyway, some older stars are still dressing skankily, and they're setting a bad example. In segment on the weekend edition of Good Morning America a "real-life mom," Celia Rivenbank talked about her book, entitled Stop Dressing Your Six-Year Old Like A Skank. Of inappropriate clothes, Rivenbank says, "The moms are buying it, the dads are buying and maybe on some level the parents think, 'Oh that's cute, that's harmless, that's innocent' — but I don't think it is... [And yet] There's no reason that your child should be deprived of the fashion." Um, really? They're children. They don't know what fashion is. Seriously. And as a result, they won't even know what you're "depriving" them of it. GMA interviewed little Venus Melvin, age six, who is in danger of being "deprived." Guess what? Her fashion icon is Kimora Lee Simmons.

"She is really creative and she knows how to handle fashion," Melvin says. Does any kid know who Kimora Lee Simmons is on their own? And if you expose your child to Kimora, shouldn't you prepare to deal with the repercussions? Forget about "stop dressing your six-year-old like a skank." Shouldn't you stop letting your six-year old worship a drag queen-esque woman who invented the word "fabulosity"?

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It's because of the downward slope in kids clothes that we buy most of my daughter's stuff from the web or the mail. Of course, we have the added benefit of being about a hundred miles from a mall, so we only go a couple of times a year and it's usually only to specific stores except at Christmas, plus my daughter's school has a dress code — But, though Land's End may be owned by Sears, it's still Land's End and if almost all clothes come via UPS, then that's where she thinks you get clothes.