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Kids Today

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Cyberbullying has gone completely bonkers. According to the UK tabloid The Sun, a 10-year-old girl from Cornwall posted obscene messages on the profile of a girl she knew while pretending to be an older male pederast. A relative of the victim went to police, and then the police issued a local warning. According to authorities, the 10-year-old came forward to her parents and admitted she was culprit after the warning was released. A Cornwall police spokesman said, "It was more cyber-bullying than paedophilia. It seems to be an isolated issue between these two youngsters." [The Sun]


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This doesn't shock me too much. A kid like this is naturally an asshole, but I think an average asshole kid can do this.

This does remind me of a crazy old man on a subway telling a mother of two little girls "I hope you keep them away from the machine."

The whole bus had NO CLUE what he was talking about and everyone just kinda leaned in questioningly, eager and terrified for what he would say next.

"You know," he went on. "That computer. It's dangerous."

I particularly love that he said "that" computer, as though there's just the one which causes all the trouble.