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Kids, Not Condoms, Kill Sex Lives

Illustration for article titled Kids, Not Condoms, Kill Sex Lives

All is not well at the home of Joan and Ken Harper. Joan is crying herself to sleep at night and, in the morning, burning the oatmeal and toast. Ken is moping around, making his three kids cry, and getting his hand caught in machinery at work. Such is the life of a young couple whose marriage is on the rocks — because they love each other! Or rather, because they aren't getting any!


Apparently, back in 1962, a woman could be both well-groomed and totally ignorant about birth control. [Have times really changed? Look at Nicole Richie! Oh, we kid. -Ed.] At least, that's part of the narrative put forth by the comic "Escape From Fear", which was created and distributed by none other than Planned Parenthood in 1962 — the same year the Beatles released their first record, Marilyn Monroe overdosed, and A Clockwork Orange was published. Presented in its entirety on one of our new favorite websites, Comics With Problems (check out the comic about venereal diseases here) and linked to by another fave, BoingBoing, the 8-page comic is like Donna Reed meets 7th-grade Sex Ed meets Roy Lichtenstein.

Comic Gems: Tragi-Condom-Edy, And The Golden Age Of Nukes [BoingBoing via ComicsWithProblems]
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