Kid Who Asked Justin Bieber to His Junior Prom, Asks Gabby Douglas to His Senior Prom

Yo Gabby Gabby! Or should I say, GabbLy? This (possibly drunk) child, Leon Purvis, wants to take you to his senior prom. Last year he tried the same schtick unsuccessfully with Justin Bieber, so he's hoping that this year he'll have better luck with a different celebrity.

Are you interested? Circle yes, no, or GET AWAY FROM ME STALKER.

I'm hoping this asking celebrities out via YouTube thing doesn't become more of a... thing? I also hope that Gabby Douglas doesn't feel at all pressured to respond to some silly video if she doesn't want to. Little Mr. Leon Purvis could definitely stand to learn an early lesson in how not to talk to women. Either way: Good luck, kiddo!


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