Kid Tears Apart Fox's Stupid Gender-Neutral Bathroom Fears on Live TV

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This Fox and Friends segment might be one of the most hilarious, beautiful fails ever caught on camera.


Fox and Friends is currently engaged in a pointless war over gender-neutral bathrooms and the fallout is spectacular to watch. The show tried to take potshots at Illinois State University, which is joining other college campuses around the country in creating restrooms to accommodate transgender students. This is a fucking great thing which could help avoid a lot of humiliating situations for transgender students. Via Media Matters:

Illinois State University recently announced that it would be relabeling several of its single-stall "family" restrooms on campus as "all-gender" restrooms. Though the decision won't alter the functionality of any of the restrooms, the move is meant to accommodate transgender and gender-variant students, who often face harassment and even violence in public restrooms. All-gender restrooms will be identified by a new sign that "will include a symbol of a half of a man and half of a woman."


But nope, Fox and Friends hates this! Why? Because it's just too darn confusing for everyone (no it isn't). According to a segment last week called "The PC Police" (LOL LOL LOL), Fox & Friends wanted to prove how confusing this new sign is (it's not). So they sent Steve Doocy out on to the streets of New York with one of the proposed new signs to show how hard it would be to tell which bathroom to use (seriously, it's not at all). This is the definition of grasping at straws.

Watch how basically every person in this "man in the street" segment has literally no trouble explaining to Doocy that yes, the symbol is going to be used to indicate a transgender restroom. But he keeps trying to push the (stupid) point. It's like watching someone holding up a picture of a ball and going "IS THIS PLANET EARTH? IS IT CHEESE BALL? OH GOD I CAN'T TELL I'M SO CONFUZZLED."

Damn, Doocy looks so fucking sad at the end of that. He reminds me of that time when you were a little kid and got the Publisher's Clearinghouse letters that said "Congratulations,YOU ARE A MILLIONAIRE!!!!" You ran running to find your mom, dreaming up all the awesome toys you were going to buy with that money (Barbie Dream Diamond Castle! Ghostbusters Firehouse! A pony! A hundred ponies!) Then your mom had to explain to you that it wasn't a real check,it was just bullshit to sell magazines. The way you felt when your heart sank and your dreams of braiding pony hair shattered—that's the look on Doocy's face.


Even the guy who takes a jab at "political correctness" gets what the sign is all about. That's when you know you have epically failed at a segment. When someone who is pretty much your target audience isn't playing along, it's time to walk away and go complain about the war on Christmas or something.

"I could not figure it out and we had the story in front of us," said Brian Kilmeade . It makes no sense." Kilmeade probably can't figure out how socks work, so that doesn't really surprise me.

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