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'Kid Nation': Girls Rule, Boys Drool

Last night's episode of Kid Nation — the show that's like Survivor meets Lord of the Flies and set in the Old West — featured a mini-battle of the sexes. With an impending election, the town split up into boys-against-girls. It's really evident in the clips how much more socially-sophisticated and domineering girls are when compared to boys that age. Oh, and the last 30 seconds is priceless, when 11-year-old Kelsey explains why 10-year-old Taylor would make just a good a president as George W. Bush.


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I watched the first episode on television and the second online because I thought it might be some kind of interesting experiment.

Unfortunately, it's really just another reality show and I now let my daughter watch the episodes online, where I can be nearby to explain some of the "concepts", but Pushing Daisies has become the early Wed. show that's not time-shifted in my household.